Custom Made Costumes
Aliens and Human Mascot Costumes

Discover an unparalleled array of Alien, Human-Like, and Mythical Character costumes that defy imagination. Whether you seek encounters with extraterrestrial entities, humanoid figures, or legendary creatures, our collection promises to ignite creativity. Can't find your dream mascot costume? Contact us, and we'll craft your bespoke creation.

Crafted to captivate audiences, our Alien, Human-Like, and Mythical Character costumes are ideal for any event or promotion. With competitive pricing, please note that listed prices exclude VAT and shipping, ensuring transparent transactions. Charities may qualify for VAT exemption - contact us for details.

Immerse yourself in boundless possibilities with our one-of-a-kind costumes, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Whether you delve into science fiction, folklore, or fantasy realms, our collection offers the perfect fit. Elevate your event with our extraordinary costumes and make a statement that transcends the ordinary.

Did you know? We offer colour changes on these costumes.