Custom Made Costumes

Our larger than life Mascot Costume characters from the Award Winning Professional Range are extremely well built using luxury cotton, soft feel plush and imitation fur and are manufactured to European Community Soft Toy standards ensuring your safety and comfort.

The mascots are designed to fit most builds from heights of 5'6"(1.7m) to 6'2"(1.9m), but be aware - they're big! with many of our characters reaching over 7 or 8ft in height, so you'll definitely stand out from the crowd! We can also create costumes tailored to your size on request.

Each comfy professional range soft-head design comes complete with a refreshing 'clean air' vent and a quick clean hygiene balaclava for your comfort. Most costume components are also easily machine washable at upto 30*C or dry cleanable (See Tips+Advice for cleaning directions).

These luxury Mascot Costumes consist of hooped or padded bodies with concealed velcro back fastening body suits, separate head, hands and feet.

The clever foot over design on our professional range allows you to wear your own shoes underneath, cutting down on costume wear and tear. Full feet designs are also available for all our costumes on request.

If you fancy something a little different we can also colour change most of our designs to suit your needs for a small charge, or why not try our custom made service to create your perfect character.

Our top quality full bodied mascots are used daily in hundreds of venues throughout the UK and Europe by an ever increasing customer base including Holiday Parks, Hotels, Play Barns, TV, Radio, carnivals, Charities, Entertainers, Nightclubs, Bars and many more. Why not join them today and discover the mascot magic for yourself with one of our great value characters.