Custom Made Costumes

Wearing your Mascot Costume

To help you get the best from your Mascot Costume please have a look at the following quick tips to help bring your character to life!

  1. Always have a chaperone with you when wearing the mascot. Your vision is restricted so it is easier to trip, bump or fall over.
  2. Agree hand signals with your chaperone in advance. e.g. getting tired, thirsty, too hot, need toilet etc.
  3. Don't speak in your Mascot, unless it's for a rehearsed speaking part.
  4. Do NOT remove any part of the costume in Public. Especially the head, it's a huge disappointment for children & adults alike.
  5. Don't disclose who is wearing the costume. Pretend the character is real, everyone will enjoy it more.
  6. Lift your legs up when you walk - don't drag your feet.
  7. Stand tall in the costume, try not to slouch or it makes you look sad.
  8. Make slower and more exaggerated movements than normal.
  9. Smile and be happy inside the costume, it will show on the outside.
  10. Avoid swimming pools or deep water (incase you get pushed in).
  11. Don't move too fast around small children. It can sometimes scare them if you make sudden or fast movements.
  12. Take a 5-minute break every 20 minutes. Remove the head and have a regular break out of public view.
  13. Store your mascot out of view of the public.

Storage and Cleaning tips

Our professional range of mascots are very well built and durable so can be easily dry cleaned or machine washed at 30*C. For everyday cleaning though we recommend just wiping down the costume or spot cleaning small stains. A fabric freshener or Odour neutraliser will also help keep the costume smelling fresh from day to day. The hygiene balaclavas can be washed as and when needed (not supplied with lightweight costume range).

If you need to do a full wash please take out any removable hard elements before washing (if applicable). We would recommend dry cleaning where possible but you can hand or machine wash all soft elements of our costumes at 30*C. For large foam area's like the heads try to avoid fully submerging them as they can take a long time to dry thoroughly - if they don't fully dry out they can sometimes end up smelling damp (in which case wash it again and let it air and dry properly).

Always line dry of flat dry the costumes and allow them to air thoroughly after washing. If shorter hair looks matted, brush pile both ways with a soft brush to soften and flatten it off. Brush long hair softly as needed. Do not iron over any heat transferred logos or branding that have been added.
Store your mascot out of public view and hang it up properly or keep flat and let it air when not in use. Avoid shoving it in down in the corner or it may begin to smell and start looking tired. If you don't have anywhere suitable to store your costume mascot stands are available in the accessories section of our online shop. Treat your Mascot well and it will last a long time.